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With every project we work and event we plan we ask ourselves “how will this support a sustainable environment?” Our goals include beautifying the community where we live and work and supporting our neighbors. From May thru October we weed, plant, mulch and clean up litter in the Thomaston gardens beside Watts Hall, the Main Street planters, behind the Business Block, the Mary Rita McDevitt Memorial Garden, and Mayo Park.

We established the Community Garden Stand in partnership with the Thomaston Public Library where donations of fresh produce, flowers and potted plants graced the table of the stand throughout the season, all donated from the gardens of club and community members. The stand was established with the premise of "take what you need, leave what you can." All donations are given to the Thomaston Interchurch Fellowship Food Pantry to further support those in need.

We also take part in several community activities including events at the General Knox Museum, assisting with the decoration of Christmas trees on the Main Street Mall, and the Watts Hall Merry Mannequins event.


We hold eight meetings per year. The business meetings are held each March where we gather to meet new members, we are apprised of past and future activities and events, and we are given the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas for accomplishing our mission and goals. In April, May, June, July, August and October we hold educational programs and excursions that cover a variety of subjects such as  horticulture, garden design, planting techniques, environmental and conservation concerns, and floral design.


Mary Rita Photo.jpg

Our founder and dear friend, Mary Rita McDevitt, moved to Thomaston in 2019 from Louisville, Kentucky. Her love of gardening and getting to know her neighbors drove her to start the garden club. Unfortunately, health issues forced her to step away from the club and sadly we lost her in September 2021. Mary Rita was a passionate person, had many hobbies, and a heart for volunteerism. Without Mary Rita’s vision and encouragement, the Thomaston Garden Club would not be what it is today.

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